Monday, September 13, 2010

Knight of the Hill Country Book Review

Tim Tharp's Knight of the Hill Country screams READ ME! I thought this book was a really good read.

I think a theme of this book would be never stop when you feel like you need to. In this book, Knights of the Hill Country, Blaine has an injury and he does his best to keep playing football.

I like the way the author wrote this book. It is a very easy book to read. Not only is the book interesting but it is not that hard to understand.

Hampton is an amazing football player. He is trying to carry the Knight's legacy (to be undefeated for the fifth time in a row) on his shoulders and he does a great job. Blaine is Hampton's friend and Blaine is not playing his best.

The setting of this story is at school. I am always at school so I just picture it as if it were two of our own football players. I can imagine most of the story.

This book talks about a boy and his friend on the football team. They both love to play football but Hampton is a little better than Blaine this year. Blaine and his father taught Hampton everything he knows about football and Blaine is so jealous that Hampton is stealing his spotlight away. The football team is trying to hold on to the school's legacy to have an undefeated football season for the fifth year in a row. Read this book to find out if they have an undefeated season.

I can't compare this book a whole lot to myself, but I can try to imagine it would. I would like to think our football team will one day be undefeated for many years in a row. I know how hard that would be to keep the undefeated seasons going.

I would definitely recommed the book Knights of the Hill Country by Tim Tharp to anyone that likes football.

240 pages = 1 book

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